Nils Henkel - Pure Nature


"Pure Nature" is more than just a concept for me, it is an attitude towards life. I feel obligated to treat natures best products with respect. By preparing these selected resources in a creative and tasty way, I want to offer you innovative and new tasting experiences as well as highest enjoyment. This includes the use of herbs, flavours and spices, but also to play with textures and temperatures. My own experience, my origin and my curiosity add up to my kitchen style, I am always keen on trying out something new. 

It is my intention to get to an exact flavourful point in each of my dishes. My kitchen is international and modern, but my special focus is on the "Neue Deutsche K├╝che" and its products, which I meet with greatest respect. Essential criteria is the quality of products, whether a speckled trout comes from the region or a turbot comes from Brittany. I set a high value on short ways, the aspect of sustainability and I feel constrained for our environment. 

With the easiness of my dishes I want to offer surprising and long-lasting tasting experiences which invite to come back and discover new dishes. To me, "Pure Nature" is a synonymous for pure and unsophisticated enjoyment. I invite you to discover my interpretation of cooking and wish you delightful joy.